Autumn Storms

Trees, hold onto those leaves.

I was saying to my wife today...who wasn't really listening...cos she was on driving duties...while I was on drinking duties...that it would be great if Autumn could last for 3 months.

The leafy turny bit I mean...with the piles of vibrant, crunchy, kickable pavement soft furnishings...the drooping, succulent bunches of EAT ME radge berries...the unexpected colours and contrasts around corners that looked ordinary just a few weeks ago...and like today...the whirling dervishes of leaves spiralling suddenly out of nowhere...

...but it looks very like the next couple of nights might bring hungry winds that will snatch every leaf from its perch and leave our trees shivering and naked, with their branches held in front to cover their modesty.

This was today's hastily snatched view of Edinburgh before the Great Blow. I might do one every Sunday to compare.